910, 2012

The Print2Pad backend

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The Print2Pad backend is the central administrative object of all Print2Pad functionality and coordinates communication and workflow between Print2Pad components and established interfaces with third-parties.

Features of Print2Pad backend (extract)


Communication with the Print2Pad Editor

  • Output Management (display available editions on the server)
  • Live management of output generation (multi-user version control)
  • Preview area (secure communication with the preview app of editor)
  • Monitoring and control of the uploading and downloading of editions to and from the editor
  • Control and management of the approval process
  • Final expenditure on data compliance
  • Implementation of the publishing process with the Print2Pad apps and Apple and/or Google Play Store


Communication with subscription management

  • Mediation between app-GUI and eRASMo and other subscription-management interfaces, data conformance checking
  • Transfer of log-in data of the app
  • Communication with eRASMo on the nature and scope of entitlements
  • Management and translation of product IDs (eRASMo release to output file)
  • Feedback to the app (enabling of flag(s) “Subscribed” band(s))
  • Release or rejection of delivery with appropriate feedback to the user
  • Triggering of the upload process after release
  • Checking of log-ins according to the basic fair-use policy of the customer
  • (Protection against misuse by way of multiple applications on different devices, etc.)


Create and manage recovery data from single purchases

  • Coordination between Apple (or Google Play Store) and the app
  • Assignment of anonymous purchases on a single device (pin assignment)
  • PIN management
  • Restoration of single purchases independent of Apple


Communication with Apple/Google/Amazon

  • Transfer of user prompt for individual purchase from Apple/Google
  • Mediation between Apple/Google purchase API and App-GUI/user
  • Implementation of Apple/Google purchase verification process
  • Receipt of the purchase certificate
  • Cross-check on the validity of store APIs
  • Guiding purchase approval process
  • Enabling of output
  • Confirmation to Apple/Google of successful purchase completion
  • Also for subscriptions
  • Provision of the following permissions from the Apple in-app purchase process and
  • Ongoing coordination for authorization of the use of a […]
910, 2012

The Print2Pad components

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Print2Pad consists of four interdependent components

1. The Print2Pad editor …


… is used for reading data from XML and/or PDF formats as well as from page building software. It is also used to subsequently enrich material with multimedia and editorial enhancements.

For more information about the Print2Pad editor, click here.


2. The Print2Pad back-end …


… serves as the central management system of Print2Pad for use in communication between editors, preview and end-user apps, app stores, subscriptions, and accounting systems. It also assists with issue management.

For more information about the Print2Pad back-end, click here.


3. The Print2Pad apps …


… allows for preview apps for editors and end-user apps for Android and iOS tablets/smartphones.

For more information about the apps, click here.


4. The Print2Pad-evaluation tool …


… provides a variety of useful information, from the amount of applicable editions within current sales figures with individual local editions and app version usage, to the retrieval of individual articles and usage paths. The tool can make use of a variety of data through a web-based service.

For more information about the Print2Pad-evaluation tool, click here.