1209, 2013

Print2Pad Apps are fully compatible with the new iOS 7

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ios7-logo_ZuschnittAll our apps can be used with all iPads and most of Apples iPhones starting with iOS 5.1 to iOS 7

Compatible Apple devices are

  • iPad 1, 2, 3, 4 and iPad mini
  • iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 5C


209, 2013

Nordkurier starts publishing their 15th newspaper with Print2Pad

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On September 2nd our client Nordkurier started publishing an aditional daily printed and digital edition for the region Vorpommern Jarmen.

Expanding from 14 to 15 daily editions on the Print2Pad app was easy and finished within some hours.

Right on time at midnight on September 2nd the new edition could be seen on the displays.

We wish all the best for the “New Born”!

2407, 2013

Print2Pad on ifra 2013 in Berlin

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Print2Pad at the ifra World Publishing Expo 2013, October 7.-9. in Berlin. You will find us at booth 843 in hall 1.2.

Make an appointment here. We are looking forward to meeting you there!

107, 2013

IEB first customer to use Print2Pads ‘Corporate Publishing Light’

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Berlin, 01. Juli 2013

Juli 2013 <br>The Institute Of Electronic Business chooses the new offer ‘Print2Pad Publishing Light’ for publishing annual reports on digital devices.

Already two more advertising agencies decided to use our new publishing solution.

2703, 2013

Frankfurter Societäts Medien expands collaboration with Print2Pad

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2.2_Frankfurter_Neue_Presse  2.2_Hoechster_Kreisblatt   2.2_Nassauische_Neue_Presse   2.2_Taunus_Zeitung

Berlin/Frankfurt, 27. March 2013

Frankfurter Societaets Medien, publisher of the Frankfurt based newspaper FNP decided after a very successfull first implementation for their Frankfurt edition to expand collaboration with Print2Pad also for their newspapers Hoechster Kreisblatt, Nassauische Neue Presse, Taunus Zeitung and the local editions of FNP in Bad Vilbel and Usingen.


2201, 2013

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung GmbH enters into a contract with Print2Pad

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Berlin/Heidelberg, January 22nd 2013

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung GmbH enters into a contract with Print2Pad

Our system will allow a fully automated app creation using XML files from the editing CMS Red.Web™.

910, 2012

Available app types

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Print2Pad apps



Print2Pad offers apps for

  • iOS Tablets (iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini)
  • Android Tablets (e.g. Samsung Galaxy 10.1, Motorola Xoom, Nexus 7, features equivalent to those of the iPad App)
  • iOS Smartphone App (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5; optimized for mobile use)
  • Android Smartphone App (starting with Android 3.2; optimized for mobile use)
  • Android Smartphone App (version for devices with large displays e.g. Samsung Galaxy Note, LG Optimus)

All apps are available now; they are multimedia- and interactive-capable (videos, slideshows and links), and are provided optimized from the Print2Pad editor without further post-processing terminals.

The view in the apps can be that of the layout of the newspaper, with single or multi-column article view; it can be processed in containers for an online layout, magazine-style, or over the Print2Pad hybrid app for a combination of online and print.

The choice is yours! We are happy to guide on the possibilities and show you a demo, just ask!

910, 2012

Data sources: XML or PDF or a combination of both

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PDF IconXML Icon

Data sources

Print2Pad is able to process the following print product data sources in creating digital editions for tablets and/or smartphones:

  • PDF ePaper or PDF files for printing units – or
  • XML data from content management systems (CMS)- or
  • a combination of the two sources (i.e., if the image data and/or coordinates are not readable through XML)


The following interfaces complete the creation process:

  • Page planning data (e.g. PPI)
  • Subscriptions management systems (e.g. Vi&Va, eRASMo)


The creation process can be:

  • fully automatic (scrollable output or XML access with article view)
  • semi-automatic using PDF (automatic creation of the base edition from the PDF with article view, manual multimedia enrichment)
  • semi-automatic using XML data (automatic creation of the base edition from the XML data with article view, manual multimedia enrichment)
  • fully manual (e.g. for very specific issues).
910, 2012

The Print2Pad Editor

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Editions are prepared through the Print2Pad editor as tablet and/or smartphone editions and output through the Print2Pad back-end.

The creation process can be

  • fully automatic (with access to the XML data from the content management system) – or
  • semi-automatic (when using PDF ePaper or PDF data for printing units as the source file)
  • or fully manual (e.g. for special publications).

The digital version can be easily enriched through the editor and thus offer a modern and appealing version on the tablet for sophisticated readers.
The visual processing of the output can be configured similarly to that of the layout of the newspaper (one or more columns), magazine-style (with special layout of the article view) or as a hybrid from print and online content together in one app.
The editor has interfaces to the editorial system, the page layout, and display management. Here, for example, local edition assignments can be automatically recognized and converted, along with special pages and fixed pages.
If you would like to give the editor a try, we will provide a trial version upon request.

Below are some screenshots of the editor.


Print2Pad Editor Edition planning view

Print2Pad Editor Ansicht Ausgabenplanung


Print2Pad Editor Page planning view

Print2Pad Editor Ansicht Blattplanung


Print2Pad Editor Page editor with article preview

Print2Pad Editor Ansicht Seitenbearbeitung mit Artikelansicht


910, 2012

The Print2Pad evaluation tool

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Print2Pad evaluation tool
With the Print2Pad evaluation tool, usage data of digital issues can be evaluated as desired.

All data that are generated in connection with the use of the app issues can be evaluated:

  • What issue is accessed and when and how often?
  • What types of users loaded the respective issues (subscriber, single buyer, day, time)?
  • Which kind of app (iOS, Android, tablet, smartphone) and which version number started the download?
  • What products were called up?
  • What issues were spread via email and shared via Twitter, Facebook, and iMessenger?
  • and much, much more!

There is a general distinction between

  1. standard data preparation and
  2. individualized data preparation for controlling the success of the digital output and
  3. a special use analysis including the preparation of user paths (order of calling within the app, dwell times, etc.)

You decide.

User anonymity is guaranteed at all times.


Below are two screenshots of the standard analysis.

Example view 1 (Example data only)
Top: Overview of retail figures of the day (all local editions)
below: Overview of individual purchases by local edition and day


Print2Pad Auswertungstool Beispiel Übersicht der gesamten Kaufdaten



Print2Pad evaluation tool
Example view 2 (Example data only)
Overview of called items according to user type (subscriber, single buyer, local edition/days)
Print2Pad Auswertungstool Beispiel Übersicht der gesamten Kaufdaten