Print2Pad advises and attends your needs

Print2Pad takes a holistic approach and therefore not only offers software solutions for the technical introduction to digital and mobile publishing but also offers expert advice and professional support before, during, and after the implementation of appropriate technologies and processes.

For management and publishing management

  • Which presentation and implementation options are available in the market? What advantages and disadvantages do they have?
  • How can you implement a newspaper for a digital device? How much expenditure needs to be spend on what, and what procedures in workflows and systems are needed for which solutions?
  • Development of an execution plan for the implementation of a tablet solution for a newspaper. Checking the feasibility and development of requirements, expectations, and opportunities, investigate technical realization paths, development of implementation scenarios (scope, steps, schedule).
  • Sustainable and ongoing orientation of the publishers with the possibilities of cross-media newspaper and a multi-channel media company and further change management processes.
  • Development, production and launch of a tablet solution.


For advertising sales

  • Tablet solutions in the appearance of the newspaper as an interactive price list in the customer dialogue and as a training tool for cross-media ad sales.
  • Development and optimization of cross-media ad products in the e-paper.
  • Adjustment and optimization of workflows (ad sales, editorial production, etc.).
  • Alignment of national sales and adaptation of national sales for new cross-media requirements and opportunities (e.g. OMS).


For editors

  • Developing a cross-media editorial strategy for print, tablet, and other online products.
  • Setting up workflows for the creation of digital output (e.g., between print and online editorials).
  • Adaptation of existing systems to the new offer form.


For marketing

  • Development of services, especially for younger audiences.
  • Advice and support on the problems posed by billing, customer data access, fees, and prices.
  • Strategic Bundle Partnerships (e.g. mobile operators, hardware manufacturers, etc.).

Expert Network

We work closely with a network of experts that is specially geared to the requirements of Print2Pad integration. These partners are not related to Print2Pad by law but are separate companies and offer independent expertise to our customers in finding the best possible solution:

Gutenberg data center, for connecting to existing publishing systems (Vi&Va and e-Vi&Va) via the eRASMo interface.
Lufthansa Systems AS GmbH, Department of Media and Publishing, we work with the experts from Lufthansa Systems for the settlement of paid content publishing systems and the integration of billing processes in media.
Institute of Electronic Business IEB, Berlin University of the Arts, for the development and design of modern and user-oriented user interfaces and navigation concepts in digital communication.

About us

Print2Pad is an association of experienced publishing professionals, media professionals, and experienced specialists who work on the development of mobile applications. The partners ImagineOn and Martin Talmeier each have more than 10 years of practical experience in these areas.

From dozens of real-world projects in newspapers and other media houses, we have experience dealing in the problem of the parallel worlds of traditional media and online media and the problems arising from their separation.

We have held responsibilities as former media managers as well as in management positions that cannot be the targets of traditional media/print and new media/online which often times do no go together.

The services of Print2Pad are meant to support publishers with good, sustainable steps and the appropriate pace to bring together the strengths of both worlds.

We bring industry experience and technology expertise to develop future-oriented publishing strategies as well as monitoring and implementation.


Martin Talmeier
With over 25 years of experience in management positions working in business development of media companies, he knows the challenges and opportunities of digitization firsthand. For more than 10 years, he has advised companies on digital business transformation, digital value, and market strategy. He is a managing partner of Print2Pad GmbH and lead consultant at iDeers Consulting.


Sebastian Floss
Mr. Floss has worked in cross-media communications and publishing, interactive media, and user management. He is a managing partner of the interactive agency IMAGINEON in Cologne, which has successfully developed mobile applications on all platforms for over 10 years for well-known customers all across the globe.