Benefits for publishers and readers

Editing, advertising sales, and marketing have the possibility to generate a benefit from cross-media expansion of the product immediately. The reader gets a constantly up-to-date, attractive, and modern product with high recognition value and exciting multimedia content.

  • Quick implementation | 4-6 Weeks
  • Short creation time of daily editions
  • Multi-user/editor capable
  • Little or no interference with existing workflows
  • Individual adjustment of the app as pertaining to the appearance of the newspaper
  • Constantly updating articles possible throughout the day
  • Integration of internal references and external links
  • Integration of videos and slideshows
  • Integration of cross-media and multimedia add-on content (e.g. advertising)
  • Open hardware (Android, iPad/iPhone, HTML5)


Information about Print2Pad components can be found here



Information for download

Brochure on Print2Pad offers (PDF)



Print2Pad uses the proprietary TABLOIDZ-Framework combined with content from print and online editorials with resource considerate multimedia content accessible via iPad, Android, and tablet. The PDF version of the newspaper is sufficient as a base source. Print2Pad can also use the XML data of a content management system.

Usually, a single employee with the Print2Pad editor needs no more than 60 minutes to create a modern cross-media iPad edition using the “analog” PDF newspaper. The content management system provides a usable XML interface, which can be fully automated and accomplished in minutes through an automatic XML import the build process.

All details about Print2Pad components can be found here

Information about the process (workflow) can be found here