Editions are prepared through the Print2Pad editor as tablet and/or smartphone editions and output through the Print2Pad back-end.

The creation process can be

  • fully automatic (with access to the XML data from the content management system) – or
  • semi-automatic (when using PDF ePaper or PDF data for printing units as the source file)
  • or fully manual (e.g. for special publications).

The digital version can be easily enriched through the editor and thus offer a modern and appealing version on the tablet for sophisticated readers.
The visual processing of the output can be configured similarly to that of the layout of the newspaper (one or more columns), magazine-style (with special layout of the article view) or as a hybrid from print and online content together in one app.
The editor has interfaces to the editorial system, the page layout, and display management. Here, for example, local edition assignments can be automatically recognized and converted, along with special pages and fixed pages.
If you would like to give the editor a try, we will provide a trial version upon request.

Below are some screenshots of the editor.


Print2Pad Editor Edition planning view

Print2Pad Editor Ansicht Ausgabenplanung


Print2Pad Editor Page planning view

Print2Pad Editor Ansicht Blattplanung


Print2Pad Editor Page editor with article preview

Print2Pad Editor Ansicht Seitenbearbeitung mit Artikelansicht